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Biology GPA For Transfers 2016 – Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego

Biology GPA for Transfers 2016 – Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego

I get a lot of requests from potential Biology majors about which major to choose so I decided to compile a list of the Biology-related majors at each UC, along with the mid-range GPAs of admitted transfers.  The admit rates indicate how hard it is to get in, with a lower percentage being the most competitive.

UC Berkeley Biology GPA and Admit Rates, 2016:

1.Integrative Biology3.57 - 3.9314%
2.Molecular + Cell Biology, PL1-13.60 - 3.9318%
3.Molecular + Cell Biology, PL1-23.59 - 3.7916%
4.Molecular + Cell Biology, PL1-33.71 - 3.9817%
5.Molecular + Cell Biology, PL2-23.71 - 4.021%
6.Molecular + Cell Biology, PL2.33.69 - 3.8913%
7.Microbial Biology3.57 - 3.8830%
8.Molecular Environmental Biology3.50 - 3.9217%

UCLA Biology GPA and Admit Rates, 2016:

1.Biochemistry3.69 - 3.9427%
2.Biology3.63 - 3.8720%
3.Biophysics3.67 - 3.9838%
4.Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology3.67 - 3.9343%
5.Neuroscience3.56 - 3.8427%
6.Physiological Science3.52 - 3.8623%
7.Pre-Microbiolgy, Immunology & Molecular Genetics3.64 - 3.9128%

UC San Diego Biology GPA and Admit Rates, 2016

1.Biochemistry & Cell Biology3.56 - 3.9158%
2.Biology3.48 - 3.8342%
3.Chemistry - Bioinformatics3.38 - 3.9378%
4.Ecology, Behavior & Evolution3.51 - 3.6933%
5.Human Biology3.50 - 3.8750%
6.Marine Biology3.45 - 3.7838%
7.Microbiology3.45 - 3.7643%
8.Molecular Biology3.56 - 3.9155%
9.Physiology & Neuroscience3.52 - 3.8339%


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  1. Could someone please tell me what is MCB PL1-1, PL1-2, PL1-3, etc. what are the names for each major in the UC Berkeley list?

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