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Yes!  You can transfer to Berkeley, or UCLA, or any other UC. 

CA College Transfer is the best independent UC admissions site anywhere on the web for students wishing to apply as a freshman or transfer to a UC. We offer college admissions coaching and guide students every day who are aiming for Berkeley, UCLA or any of the other UCs. If you feel you don’t stand a chance getting into the University of California due to bad high school grades, a rough start at a community college, or myriad other reasons, I’m here to tell you your thinking is flawed.

Students just like you transfer to a UC every fall.

CA College Transfer knows the complex UC transfer process and will help guide you in the right direction before a costly mistake happens. Some students need a little nudge, others need a larger PUSH. No matter your unique requirements, we offer affordable solutions that ensure an excellent application.

Ivy League or Questbridge-bound?

I have a high success rate with senior high schoolers applying to Ivys, private universities or Questbridge. You need an essay, I can help.

Freshman + Transfer Appeal and Waitlist Letters 
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2018 Edition Available Now

The #1 best-selling UC transfer book!


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