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UC College admissions

by No Lindy = No Haas on CA College Transfer

I came to Lindy 12 days prior to the application deadline. Lindy was more than accommodating. She took the necessary time to review my essay, and her expertise made all of the difference. I’m especially thankful and attribute her services as to the reason I had a shot at getting accepted to Haas. If you pay for her services, you will be given the best opportunity to shine. Thank you Lindy.

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Yes!  You can transfer to Berkeley, or UCLA, or any other UC. 

CA College Transfer is the best independent UC admissions site anywhere on the web for students wishing to apply as a freshman or transfer to a UC. We offer college admissions coaching and guide students every day who are aiming for Berkeley, UCLA or any of the other UCs. If you feel you don’t stand a chance getting into the University of California due to bad high school grades, a rough start at a community college, or myriad other reasons, I’m here to tell you your thinking is flawed.

We bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge

No matter the situation, CA College Transfer knows the complex UC process and will help guide you in the right direction. Our success also extends  to Ivies and elite privates. Annually we work with a high number of applicants attaining admission to not only Berkeley, Haas, and UCLA, but also Georgetown, Emory, Duke, Dartmouth, U of Chicago, and Wharton, to name a few.

When it comes to application essays, it is not a reach to say CA College Transfer is one of the best at digging for your best content, quality emotive phrasing and strong storytelling. I treat every applicant like my own child, meaning I savor their success. I’m a perfectionist, and never ever go just halfway. I will fight for that exceptional outcome.

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